Lee Winder

I've lived in Bishops Itchington for around 7 years, moving here from Warwick soon after I was married. I've started a family here and spent far more hours in the local park and walking to the Co-Op with a distracted toddler than I can possibly remember.

Why do I want to serve on the Parish Council?

Having a young family has focused my attention on the need for a long term and sustainable community around Bishops Itchington, and one of the ways I can help that happen is by serving the community on the council.

Having emerged from a sleep deprived and often scary 18 months that any first time parent will recognise, it is now my aim to help the Council and the community shape our village in a positive way as it grows and develops.

What do I believe?

  • Our village needs to grow in a sustainable and managed manner, serving the local community while providing new housing for those who need it
  • Our green belt land is an important part of the village and needs to be protected and accessible to everyone
  • Our school needs an appropriate teacher/pupil ratio, which needs to be a serious consideration when deciding on intake from surrounding areas
  • The country needs renewable and sustainable energy sources, but how this is done needs to take into account the impact on the community it will affect as well as being beneficial to those affected